Watchfulness of aware citizens strengthens democracy: Minister Sharma

KATHMANDU: Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma has said democracy would become stronger only with the active and aware citizens playing the watchdog role.

Addressing a seminar organized by the National Information Commission (NIC) here today marking the International Day for Universal Access to Information here today, she said people would be active and aware the more information they get on matters of public concern.

“Democracy is consolidated only through the active and aware citizens’ watch. This helps in enhancing access of people on all topics of public concern,” the Communications and Information Technology Minister reiterated.

She stressed the need to promote the usage of the Right to Information (RTI) to the people’s level as it is a means by which people are made aware and democracy is strengthened.

Stating that RTI has been enshrined in the constitution as a fundamental right and there is also an Act related to it for its implementation, Minister Sharma said the main objective of the Act is making the people power stronger.

“On the one hand collection, storing and dissemination of information has become easier with growing online space while challenges in information and data security have increased due to the misuse of unauthorized access to the information technology system on the other,” she said.

She added that the government has issued the National Cyber Security Policy, 2080BS to address this problem.


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