Unified Socialist Chair Nepal proposes to revive NCP

KATHMANDU- CPN-Unified Socialist Party Chairman Madhav Kumar Nepal has proposed to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ to revive the then Nepal Communist Party.

Addressing the meeting of Ex-Army and Ex-Police Officials close to the Unified Socialist close on Friday, Chairman Nepal revealed that he proposed Prime Minister and CPN-Maoist Center chairman Prachanda to revive the then NCP.

“I had a conversation with Prime Minister ‘Prachanda’ this morning as well. Let’s revive the then NCP.” he said.

Chairman Nepal warned not to underestimate the role of his party though it has merely 10 lawmakers in the House of Representatives.

“Our presence alone will bring about a big change. Don’t let anyone undermine our great potential, we can do it. Even if our strength is 10, it can be decisive,” he said.

In a different context, leader Nepal said that had he wanted to become the President, he could have secured the post; however, he preferred political stability and the politics of ethics and remained in the left-democratic alliance.


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