UN Resident Coordinator and Health Minister discuss enhanced health sector cooperation

KATHMANDU: Hanaa Singer-Hamdy, UN Resident Coordinator in Nepal, held a productive meeting with Minister for Health and Population, Mohan Bahadur Basnet, centered around bolstering collaboration in the health sector.

Minister Basnet underscored the government’s dedication to expanding healthcare access, including free treatment for those financially challenged. The discussion emphasized synergizing the efforts of UN bodies and the Nepalese government, particularly within disaster response and pandemic management.

Minister Basnet highlighted the UN’s vital support during crises like the 2015 earthquake and the ongoing pandemic, expressing optimism for increased cooperation. He aimed for alignment between UN assistance and the government’s ongoing healthcare initiatives.

Singer-Hamdy assured that tailored programs addressing Nepal’s unique requirements would be devised following comprehensive discussions. She stressed the significance of establishing cooperation mechanisms at provincial and federal levels.

She recommended Nepal identify priority areas for health sector enhancement to guide donor agencies in formulating strategic plans.

Minister Basnet disclosed his upcoming visit to India for stakeholder engagement, intending to establish a clear cooperation framework with UN entities upon his return.


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