Transformation campaign will assure people the reliability of Maoist Center: Chairman Dahal

KATHMANDU: CPN-Maoist Center Chairman and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has claimed the Maoist Center would become a reliable party of the people through the transformation campaign.

The party could become strong and revolutionary learning from past mistakes, he said while inaugurating the three-month special transformation campaign at the party’s headquarters, Perisdanda today.

Stating that people had special intimacies, expectations and some dissatisfaction with the party, Chairman Dahal claimed that the government led by the party had instilled hope of changes in the people.

In course of the campaign, the party would reach out to the people at their doorsteps and receive suggestions and criticisms from them for party reform.

“Things that should not be forgotten are that people are in favour of change, prosperity and good governance. Only the Maoist can change and transform Nepali society. We need to assure people that prosperity is possible only under the leadership of the Maoist Centre. We want to be self-critical for our shortcomings. We want to be corrected. For that, we are reaching out at people’s doorsteps with the campaign,” Dahal explained.

He further said the government started a campaign to control corruption, maintain good governance and bring reforms in the service delivery while focusing on political stability, prosperity and development activities.

PM Dahal stressed the need for the party to pay heed to good governance, easy access to the public service delivery and development activities alongside social justice in course of the campaign.


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