Thousands of Christians Celebrating Easter (resurrection) festival in Kathmandu

Kathmandu- Preparations for the Valley-wide Easter (Resurrection) Festival 2023 to be jointly organized by all the churches of Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu districts of the valley have been completed.

The Easter Mule organizing committee held a press conference in the capital today and informed that all preparations for Easter have been completed. Thousands of Christians will be present at the festival to be held on the grounds of Bhrikutimandap, kathmandu on Sunday 26th of Chaitra. The main purpose of the festival is to spread the message of peace.

Since this is the first festival of Christians after Covid, the churches in the valley are preparing to celebrate this day with special grandeur.

Since it is the day when Jesus Christ was resurrected, the whole Christian community is celebrating this day specially nationally and internationally by organizing various programs with grandeur.

Jirman Rai, coordinator of the Easter Mul organizing committee, said that preparations are being made to celebrate resurrection (Easter) grandly with the wide participation of pastors, leaders and believers from various churches in Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu in the Easter festival.

Coordinator Rai said that early in the morning on Sundays, Christian communities gather in different places of the city after the morning prayer service in their churches and participate in peace prayers, singing hymns and dancing with joy.

Before the meeting in the Shanti Sabha, various local congregations will take out joint banners and placards with hopeful messages about revival on a peace prayer walk from different parts of the city.

Prem Krishna Marhajan, secretary of the festival informed that the peace prayer procession will reach the Bhrikutimandap ground through various places in the valley including Chawhil, Dnyaneshwar, Kateshwar, Tinkune, Baneshwar, Balkumari, Gwarko, Mangalbazar, Jawalakhel Kalanki, Balkhu, Kalimati and other places in the valley. According to the organizers, a goal of 1,000 people to donate blood has been set on the occasion of the festival.

With the success of the people’s movement in B.S. 2046 and the restoration of democracy, Christians in Nepal have been celebrating Easter Sunday. the occasion of Christ’s resurrection every year by organizing various evangelistic rallies as well as meetings and seminars in different places of the country.



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