The Number of Christians and Churches in Nepal Released by the NCCS

Kumar Singh Bist/ Lalitpur- The National Christian Community Survey (NCCS) releases the data on the number of Christians and churches in Nepal. According to the information provided, there are a total of 683,261 Christians and 7,758 churches in the country.
The NCCS held a program at Patan Church on November 29th and released a report on the number of Christians and churches in Nepal. The report states that there are approximately 683,261 Christians and 7,758 Churches in the country.
Dr. Krishnaman Shakya, the coordinator of the NCCS, presented this data during the program and said that it was collected from churches throughout Nepal over a period of two years and is scientifically reliable.
During the event, a book containing the report of the NCCS was released by Rev. Pastor Om Prakash Subba, the president of Nepal Christian Society, Rev. Pastor Hanok Tamang, the president of National Churches Fellowship of Nepal, and Dr. Krishnaman Shakya.
According to the Central Bureau of Statistics of the Government of Nepal’s 2068 census, there were approximately 375,699 Christians in Nepal, which is 1.4% of the total population.
According to the report from the NCCS, the number of Christians in each province of Nepal is as follows: Far-west Province – 58,894, Karnali Province – 39,693, Lumbini Province – 84,604, Gandaki Province – 82,113, Bagmati Province – 258,562, Madhesh Province – 20,886, and Province 1 – 139,089. Of the total number of Christians in Nepal (683,261), approximately 296,967 are male and 386,294 are female. In terms of percentage, 43.46% are male and 56.53% are female.

According to Dr. Krishnaman Shakya, the data only includes churches that follow the Apostles’ Faith, including the Catholic Church community, and excludes other denominations regarded as false.

The publication of the NCCS report has resulted in criticism on social media, with some people claiming that there should be more than two million Christians in Nepal.

The National Christian Federation of Nepal has also issued a press release protesting the NCCS report and stating that the number of Christians in Nepal is more than three million.


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