Stakeholders reiterate NHRC’s impartiality

NEPALGUNJ- Stakeholders emphasized the importance of the National Human Rights Council (NHRC) working impartially in addressing cases of human rights violations and advocating for human rights.

During a program organized by the Commission in Nepalgunj, Banke district, on its 23rd anniversary, participants highlighted the need for the Commission to operate without bias due to citizens’ inability to ensure their own rights.

Judge Bhanubhakta Sharma Neupane from the High Court in Tulsipur stated that raising awareness and vigilance among the public regarding the protection and promotion of human rights is crucial.

He explained that people still have confusion about what constitutes human rights violations, and this lack of awareness increases the likelihood of such violations occurring. Consequently, it is important to educate and sensitize individuals about human rights.

Judge Neupane recommended that the Commission take the registration of human rights violation cases more seriously, as there are currently fewer incidents registered with the Commission than expected. He emphasized the significance of transparency in the Commission’s actions while acknowledging the role of the high court and Supreme Court in safeguarding human rights in the absence of related laws. Neupane also noted that the country has now established relevant laws for the protection and promotion of human rights.

Furthermore, Dwarika Sharma Adhikari, Chief of NHRC Nepalgunj office, pledged to consider the positive recommendations put forth by stakeholders and work towards improving any shortcomings. Other participants at the event, including human rights activists, representatives from Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, Nepali Army, and civil society, stressed the need for all levels of government to develop programs that safeguard and promote human rights.


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