Sita Janmotsav for cultural promotion

Acting President Ramsahay Prasad Yadav has said national luminary- Sita- has a significant role to maintain social and cultural harmony in Nepal.

Addressing the ‘Sita Janmotsav Ceremony-2080’ organized by the Mithila Culture Society, Nepal here today, Acting President Yadav said Sita is not only an ideal woman but a common epitome of unity in Nepal. “Sita birth anniversary has added a new dimension from the social and cultural viewpoints, which has further created atmosphere for national unity and fraternity,” Yadav underscored at the ceremony.

He viewed that the Sita Janmotsav has also promoted Mithila culture. On the occasion, Chairman of Madhesi Commission, Dr Bijay Kumar Datt, said Sita Janmotsav should not be limited to Mithila but spread to entire Nepal. He worried over the failure to promote our history and culture. The Sita birth anniversary should be known to all people from across hills, mountain and Tarai, he stressed.

According to him, the national luminary Sita is the symbol of women empowerment. Sita birth anniversary is observed on Baisakh shukla nawami every year.


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