Shrestha’s appointment as Chief Justice receives unanimous approval

KATHMANDU: The Parliamentary Hearing Committee (PHC) has granted unanimous endorsement to Bishowambhar Prasad Shrestha, who had been put forth as the nominee for the esteemed position of Chief Justice.

In a resolute decision, Shrestha’s nomination garnered unanimous support following the hearing conducted at the Federal Parliament Secretariat, Singha Durbar.

The chairman of the committee, senior member Pashupati Shumsher Rana, officially conveyed that Shrestha’s designation as Chief Justice has received the committee’s unreserved backing.

During the hearing session, Shrestha, who appeared before the Members of Parliament, fielded a series of probing inquiries.

Of particular concern to the parliamentarians was the recurring similarity in the action plans of candidates proposed for the Chief Justice role. This committee had previously conducted hearings for Harikrishna Karki, who concluded his tenure upon retirement.

Furthermore, the Members of Parliament sought Shrestha’s insights on strategies to alleviate the backlog of cases within the Supreme Court. Despite three complaints having been lodged against Shrestha, only one complainant engaged with the hearing committee.

With the hearing committee’s endorsement secured, Shrestha is now poised to take the oath of office before the President, marking a significant step toward assuming the responsibilities of Chief Justice.


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