Selection of parliamentary committee leadership imminent asfter 9 months of deliberation

The procedure of selecting the leadership of the parliamentary committee began this time, 9 months following the election of the House of Representatives. Makalu Khabar August 27, 2023

KATHMANDU: The process of selecting the leadership of the parliamentary committee, which is regarded as a “mini-parliament,” has begun.

The procedure of selecting the leadership of the parliamentary committee began this time, 9 months following the election of the House of Representatives.

The Speaker indicated during the House of Representatives meeting on Thursday that the election of the chairs of the ten subject committees has been set for Monday at 3 p.m., and the election process is moving appropriately.

Secretary Padmaprasad Pandey informed that an election program has been published in which nomination proposals can be registered from 11 am to 4 pm today with the support of another member to elect a member of the committee as the chairman.

Currently, the committee meeting is being held under the chairmanship of the senior member of the committee.

Sign that the party is lagging behind on core responsibilities

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Subas Nemwang, said that the parliamentary committee is considered as a ‘mini parliament’ in the parliamentary democratic system where the government, cabinet, prime minister and ministers are individually and collectively accountable to the federal parliament.

As it is a formal meeting or a meeting of the Parliament, it is said that the work of the Parliamentary Committee will be done after thorough debate from various angles on all topics and proposals that have been entered for discussion related to the country and public interest. “The original parliament is basically limited to formality, the federal parliament makes the government and the entire cabinet accountable to the people only through the parliamentary committee,” he said.

Former Speaker Nemwang responded that the delay in the election of the chairman of the parliamentary committee is a clear indication of how much the political party has fallen behind in its core responsibilities. Nemwang, who is also the deputy leader of the CPN (UML) parliamentary party, said, ‘We work to establish transparency and accountability to the people in the country through the committee. I am happy, even if it is late, I am getting leadership.’

This time, out of the joint committee two and 10 thematic committees under the House of Representatives, it has been revealed that the ruling party Nepali Congress has claimed four seats, CPN (Maoist Center) two, CPN (UML) three, CPN (Unified Socialist) and Janmaat Party have claimed one seat each. “No party feels that they have been left out in terms of parliamentary procedures and values. The functioning and responsibility of power coalition and committee are different matters. It is believed that the fourth and fifth should naturally get seats,’ said Nemwang. Currently, the National Independence Party is the fourth largest party in the parliament, while the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RPP) is in fifth place.

In the House of Representatives Rules, it is mentioned that there will be a parliamentary committee to make the government responsible and accountable to the parliament, to monitor and evaluate the actions of the government and to give necessary instructions and advice.

In the previous federal parliament, nine of the 16 thematic committees, including 10 under the House of Representatives, four under the National Assembly and two under the Joint Committee, were led by women. Nemwang said, “In the selection of the leadership of the committee, consideration should be given to assimilating the principle of inclusion and proportionality in accordance with the spirit and spirit of the constitution.”

Spokesperson of the Parliamentary Secretariat, Ekram Giri, said that the parliamentary committee, which has the main responsibility of supporting the work of the assembly, will be responsible for the work of law making, the examination of the law, the study, analysis and monitoring of the work of the executive. He studies and analyzes the work of the government,’ he said.

Under the House of Representatives are the Finance Committee, International Relations and Tourism Committee, Industry and Commerce and Labor and Consumer Affairs Committee, Law, Justice and Human Rights Committee, Agricultural Cooperatives and Natural Resources Committee, Women and Social Affairs Committee, State Order and Good Governance Committee. Infrastructure Development Committee, Education, Health and Information Technology Committee and Public Accounts Committee will also get new leadership on Monday.


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