SC seeks President’s justification for granting amnesty to Regal

KATHMANDU: In response to a petition challenging the government’s decision to grant amnesty to Yograj Dhakal ‘Regal’, the Supreme Court (SC) has issued a showcase notice.

A single bench of Justice Manoj Kumar Sharma issued the order.

Regal was convicted of murdering Chetan Manandhar in Nepalgunj, and Bharati, Chetan’s widow, lodged a writ petition with the Supreme Court on Sunday, seeking the annulment of the President’s decision to commute Regal’s prison sentence.

The SC has set a deadline for the submission of written responses until 5 pm on October 11. The order also stipulates the scheduling of a full bench hearing on October 13.

Bharati has opposed the President’s pardon of Dhakal, who was convicted of the gruesome murder of her spouse and insists he should be returned to prison.

The SC order states that no party involved in the case will be permitted to request an adjournment under any pretext.

Likewise, the Supreme Court has mandated the submission of all relevant case files, whether in possession of the court or any government agency.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court has directed the government to ensure the safety and security of the writ petitioner, Bharti, and her family.


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