SC issues short-term interim order not to implement the decision to give 2 lakhs rupees to Maoist ex-militants

KATHMANDU- The Supreme Court(SC) has given a short-term interim order not to immediately implement the decision to grant Rs 2 lakhs as a relief to ex-combatants of the CPN-Maoist party.

The bench of Justice Kumar Regmi stated that the decision to give money to the ex-militant should not be implemented immediately.

The government had prepared a procedure for giving Rs 2 lakh each to the fighters of the then CPN (Maoist).

In the procedure, there was a provision that they would deposit two lakh rupees into the bank account of the ex-combatants. There are 4,008 unqualified fighters.

Earlier, it was made public that the cabinet meeting held on March 20 had decided to give Rs two lakhs each to the unqualified fighters.


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