RSP Chair Lamichhane alleges involvement of top leaders, Ex-IGP, and journalists in gold smuggling

KATHMANDU: Rabi Lamichhane, the chairman of the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP), has raised serious allegations against top-level leaders, former Inspector Generals of Police (IGPs), and members of the media in connection with an ongoing gold smuggling operation in Nepal.

Speaking during a House of Representatives session on Wednesday, Lamichhane claimed to possess information indicating their involvement.

Expressing frustration over the prolonged disruption of parliamentary proceedings, he also expressed concerns that the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB), responsible for probing the gold smuggling case, might be pressuring the government. He alleged that government figures were exerting influence to secure the release of those convicted in the gold smuggling case.

Lamichhane specifically mentioned the recent arrest of Dawa Tshiring, a Belgian national of Chinese descent, in relation to gold smuggling. He asserted that credible sources within the police force had provided him with information regarding high-level involvement.

Pointing to a potentially compromised media, Lamichhane stated that long-standing journalists were implicated in suppressing coverage of the gold smuggling issue.

“Top-level leaders and even journalists are involved in gold smuggling,” he disclosed, adding that there were reports of interactions between the former police chief and Dawa.

Lamichhane called upon the Prime Minister and the Home Minister to address these claims.

Lamichhane demanded a review of his telephone conversations with the arrested Dawa Tshiring, insisting that the government examine telephone records.

Additionally, he urged the disclosure of the forensic laboratory report concerning Dawa’s phone records to Members of Parliament.

Lamichhane reiterated his belief that efforts were underway to undermine the CIB’s investigation, allegedly to shield ruling party members.


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