Role of three-tier government important to control dengue

KATHMANDU: Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr. Roshan Pokharel, has said the role of a three-tier government was crucial to control dengue.

At an interaction program on ‘Dengue outbreak and control’ organized by Health Journalist Forum here today, Pokharel pointed out the need to actively launch a ‘search and destroy’ campaign to control dengue.

As per the data, the number of people infected with dengue has reached 7,733 by July 6 this year. He shared the information that the dengue disease has spread in 71 districts and seven people lost their lives from dengue this year.
Dengue-infected people have been receiving treatment free of cost, he mentioned.

Similarly, the Director General of the Department of Health Services, Dr Dipendra Raman Singh, laid emphasis on the need of increasing health-related literacy regarding dengue control.

“It is necessary to strengthen the role of individuals, families, and communities by increasing public health awareness related to health from respective places by all to control dengue,” Singh viewed.

On the occasion, Director at the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division, Dr Rudra Marasini, presented a working paper on various issues including the situation of dengue in Nepal, national guidelines related to prevention, management, and control of dengue disease, major achievements made so far and treatment.

The local levels have more responsibility in ‘Dengue Control: Search and Destroy Campaign’, said Marasini.

Likewise, Infectious Disease Expert, Dr Anup Bastola, stressed the need of cleaning the places where mosquitoes live and breed.

Forum Chairperson Saroj Pokharel mentioned that individuals themselves should take the initiative to control dengue.

The dengue was detected for the first time in Nepal in 2061 BS and the number of dengue-infected people is increasing gradually every year after that, he shared.

A total of 54,784 people were infected from dengue in 2022 in the country.


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