Resham Chaudhary is a revolutionary: Baburam Bhattarai

KATHMANDU- Nepal Samajwadi Party Chairman Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has branded Resham Chaudhary, who was sentenced to life imprisonment on Tuesday, a revolutionary.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Dr. Bhattarai appreciated the role played by Resham Chaudhary to establish a new and future-oriented belief and method through rebellion.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the decision of the High Court Dipayal, who found Chaudhary guilty in the Tikapur incident and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

“Courts and judges define ‘crime’ on the basis of old/existing laws, precedents and punish ‘criminals’,” Bhattarai has said. “Resham Chaudhary is a revolutionary,” he said.


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