Public dissatisfied with petty partisanship: Former King Gyanendra Shah

KATHMANDU- Former King Gyanendra Shah has expressed the opinion that the people are increasingly displeased with the party strife seen in the country.

Speaking after the citizen’s felicitation reception held at Inaruwa in Sunsari on Monday, Former King Shah remarked that he was aware of the public aspirations.

During his speech, Shah said that he was serious about the concern and interest received from the people and added that stability in the country cannot be achieved without proper governance, peace, and discipline.

The Former King accused the political parties of tempting the people by showing money and position and smearing at the national dignity for the satisfaction of greed.

He said that nationalism should be protected and national unity emphasized.

Shah opined that the current system of superficial changes, upheavals, and wobbles to show change cannot give any tangible results.


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