President Urges Journalism for Republic and Peace

President Ramchandra Paudel said Nepali journalism sector has ever shown activism in informing the people adhering its professional norms and values besides in establishing and reinstating democracy.

He said media has played such role while the country was passing through a difficult time.

At a meeting with journalists at the Office of the President, Sheetal Niwas, on Friday, he said journalism sector was a foundation stone of democracy.

“Main challenge of the media is to explore the truth and impart the truth. There has been an unhealthy competition to weaken integrity of information and promote fake information. I urge media sector to remain cautious towards possible loss it can cause to the country, the people and the system”, the President noted.

Paudel expressed his belief that the journalism sector would report new stories in an accurate, balanced and responsible manner in a way to strengthen hard-earned federal, democratic and republic system, peace, development, good governance and transformation.


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