Policies, programs focused on increasing production, creating employment: PM Dahal

KATHMANDU- Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the polices and programs presented by the government in the parliament are focused on increasing production and creating employment.

Responding to queries raised by lawmakers in course of discussion on government’s policies and program for coming fiscal year 2023-24 presented in joint meeting of both houses of the Federal Parliament on May 19, Prime Minister Dahal shared that the main issue of the policies and programs is how to increase production and create employment as much as possible.

The policies and programs would strengthen federalism, make structural reforms and revival in economy, modernize and commercialize agro sector, promote industrial sector and increase production and employment, he added.

PM Dahal viewed that the policies and programs have been prepared stressing the issues—promotion of exports, access of all to public services, information technology, education, health, corruption control and social justice and maintaining peace and security.

Stressing that the policies and programs should be implemented in an effective manner through concerted efforts of all, he stated that successful implementation of policies and programs was possible.

The Prime Minister further said national aspirations are clearly reflected in policies and programs. He mentioned that the policies and programs were presented with a determination to achieve supreme goal of building prosperous, strong and just Nepal, protecting national sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence and national interest.


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