Police caution against going to crowded places carrying valuable articles

The Kathmandu Valley Police Office has cautioned against venturing into crowded places carrying valuable articles.

The KVPO has also suggested keeping special precautions while going into crowds like this in view of the high chances of theft.

Issuing an 11-point advisory in the context of the festivals including Tihar, the KVPO said one can keep away from many such incidents like theft, looting, etc by taking precautions. KVPO issued the public appeal for strengthening the law and order, and public safety during the Tihar, Nepal Sambat, and Chhath festivals.

Police warned against organizing or participating in gambling or dice games involving monetary loss and gain.

KVPO spokesman, Senior Superintendent Dinesh Raj Mainali, said police teams have been mobilized to keep special watch for checking activities mainly exploding fire-crackers, smuggling, violence, theft, and gambling.

Similarly, surveillance has been increased through the Traffic Police to control unwanted activities in the transport sector as well as during the festivities.

In the appeal, KVPO has warned against transporting explosive articles like fire-crackers and fireworks, driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs, and not eating anything offered by strangers.

Police have also advised people not to go in crowds carrying with them cash, expensive articles, jewelry, and pricey mobile sets, to confirm that doors and windows are securely closed while going out of house or shops, and as far as possible install locks with sirens.

Likewise, KVPO reminded people to inform their neighbors and local police if one has to go out from home or shop for a long duration, to make payments through digital technology as far as possible, to keep their mobile bank OTP secured, and to not to update one’s personal and travel information on social sites.


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