PM Dahal vows to thwart regressive conspiracies through unity

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister (PM) Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ vowed a resolute stance against forces attempting to roll back hard-earned rights achieved through immense struggle and sacrifice.

He emphasized that unity would be the key to overcoming regressive conspiracies.

Addressing a program in Tanahun on Friday afternoon, Prime Minister Dahal asserted that those opposing the people’s rights were endeavoring to reverse the progress made after prolonged struggles.

He asserted that these counterproductive trends would be thwarted through a collective effort.

Expressing concern over certain feudal elements attempting to undermine people’s rights, he stated, “It is incomprehensible that some feudal elements have been granted rights by the people. They are engaged in various conspiracies.”

Affirming their commitment to the 12-point agreement, he underscored the need for unity to safeguard the achieved changes in power and decisively defeat regressive endeavors.

Prime Minister Dahal also highlighted the government’s noteworthy accomplishments for the country and its citizens, citing a sincere effort to combat corruption, establish good governance, and serve the people.

He reassured, “We are being honest; corruption files are being opened, and this process will not cease. The reactionaries are panicking because the government has accomplished commendable work.”

Commenting on the economic landscape, Prime Minister Dahal acknowledged positive strides but noted that the pressure persisted.


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