PM bats for collective efforts to end ill-practices

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that his government has launched a new move to establish social justice, good-governance, development works and prosperity in the country.

At a programme organized in Rome by Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), Italy chapter in his reception, the PM said that the government has taken stern steps against corruption and ill-practices.

The PM said that his government is working to control anomalies, ensure prompt service delivery and bring about massive changes in people’s life from the beginning of its formation.

People’s longstanding woes for passport collection and driving license are over now and the economy has been brought on track now, the PM told the Nepali diaspora in Italy and Europe.

Currently, the PM Prachanda is in Italy to attend the United Nations Food Systems Summit+ 2 Stocktaking Moment taking place at the FAO Headquarters in Rome of Italy.

“We have worked to bring more and more workers on board the Social Security Fund. Furthermore, Nepali migrant workers in foreign countries have been linked to the Fund,” according to PM Prachanda.

The government is working to ensure social service and direct relief to the people, he added.

Likewise, the government took action in the fake Bhutanese refugee scam since it was an anti-national and an organized crime, the PM shared. “The government took this step to clean the dirt,” he mentioned.

Furthermore, the PM said that the trend of crime committed to transfer the public land in the name of individuals is coming to an end from the probe into the Lalita Niwas land scam.

This is not an issue just from Lalita Niwas but is linked to the campaign of economic prosperity of the country through new land policy by ending the ‘mafia regime’ across the country, Prime Minister Prachanda mentioned.

Saying that an individual could not end all the heaps of ill-practices amassed in the country, the PM called for support from all Nepalis to end such wrongdoings and ill-practices.

On the occasion, PM Prachanda stated that relevance of the latest political transformation will be justified only if people’s livelihood was improved. “Sustainability and relevance of the political transformation will not be justified if there was no change in people’s livelihood,” the PM stated.

Furthermore, PM Dahal said that he was firm to do something for the country and people during his this tenure and added that he was working to transform the country’s status based on the same determination.

“The party, ideology and leader who fought to bring about changes has more concerns. Whether this transformation bode well to people or not is my determination while taking responsibility of the prime minister this time,” PM Prachanda added.


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