Phewa Lake cleared of water hyacinths

POKHARA: Tourism entrepreneurs have become active to remove water hyacinths after Phewa Lake becomes ugly due to water hyacinths.

Different organizations, security personnel, and tourism entrepreneurs of Pokhara have started removing the water hyacinth, which spreads towards the east from the west part of Phewa Lake during the rainy season every year.

A total of 10 trucks of water hyacinth were removed from Phewa Lake this morning with the participation of tourism entrepreneurs, security personnel, different organizations related to tourism, and students at the coordination of Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal, Gandaki Province, said the Chairperson of TAAN, Gandaki, Dharma Raj Panthi.

Mayor of Pokhara Metropolitan City, Dhan Raj Acharya, said considering the problems faced by tourists and pilgrimage for a boat ride in Phewa Lake and visiting Talbarahi Temple due to water hyacinth, a campaign to remove water hyacinth has been organized every week with the coordination of different organizations.

Launching the campaign, Mayor Acharya mentioned that preparation has been made to sign a contract with a bio-gas company to manage the water hyacinth.

Some 200 students of Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM) removed the water hyacinth from Phewa Lake today.


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