NSU cadres rally and chant slogans outside NC central office

KATHMANDU: Nepal Student’s Union (NSU) members vocalized their sentiments outside the central office of the Nepali Congress (NC) through slogans and protests.

The gathering, held on Wednesday, was characterized by both the supporters and detractors of the NC establishment.

A pivotal concern that prompted the demonstration was the recent nominations executed by NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba. These nominations drew reactions from both sides, resulting in exchange of slogans against each other.

The central office of the party took precautionary measures, restricting access to the premises solely for party officials, central members, and lawmakers. Law enforcement personnel were deployed on-site to ensure adherence to these directives.

Specifically, NSU members voiced their disagreement with the nomination of 710 central members by President Deuba. They alleged that these nominations were based more on factional considerations than on merit and competence.

Intriguingly, out of 710 nominations, only 200 belong to Dr. Shekhar Koirala’s group.

Meanwhile, the Krishna Prasad Sitaula faction also made their presence felt by organizing a parallel committee announcement event on the same day. This parallel initiative aimed to counter President Deuba’s nomination strategy.

As tensions escalated, the party leadership took steps to thwart the formation of a parallel committee by preventing dissident members from accessing the central office.

Despite the heightened tensions, those who were nominated chose to rally in support of both party President Deuba and NSU President Dujang Sherpa, underscoring the complexity of intra-party dynamics.


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