NRNA leadership dispute: Disgruntled RK Sharma calls for re-vote, challenges elected President Badri KC

KATHMANDU: Expressing dissatisfaction with the outcome of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) election, the faction led by Rajkumar Sharma has established a new working committee.

On Monday, officials gathered at the NRNA office in Baluwatar, Kathmandu, where they exchanged greetings and well-wishes while sharing a meal.

In a brief program to mark the commencement of their work, the President of the disgruntled faction, Sharma declared that the organization had, in recent years, been under the influence of specific groups that had been running it in an undesirable manner.

Sharma pointed to the swift inauguration of the elected president, Badri KC, within 12 hours of their agreement, as evidence of irregularities in the election.

Sharma expressed his readiness to conduct a re-vote, stressing the importance of ensuring that the organization serves the interests of a broad spectrum of members rather than a select few.

“In recent years, there has been suspicion that certain groups intended to maintain control and operate it in an undesirable manner. This suspicion was confirmed during the voting in Vero during the current convention,” Sharma stated. “He took the oath less than 12 hours after reaching an agreement with us. I still say to Badri KC, let’s conduct a re-vote—I am always ready. Otherwise, we shouldn’t let arrogance stand in the way.”

Sharma added, “The organization should not prioritize the interests of a select few groups or individuals. We should work in the interest of the common good, focusing on the well-being of non-resident Nepalis. This rebellion is aimed at preserving the integrity of the institution.”


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