NP Saud appointed Foreign Minister, cabinet expansion for the eighth time

KATHMANDU- Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has extended the Council of Ministers for the eighth time on Sunday.

The Prime Minister named NP Saud, the leader of the ruling Nepali Congress, as Foreign Minister on Sunday.

Saud took the oath of office and secrecy today. He has also assumed office.

According to the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, although there was an agreement to increase the Council of Ministers only after the by-elections on Baisakh 10 (April 23), the Foreign Minister was appointed today so that the Prime Minister could easily prepare for his future journey to India.

Despite the fact that the Council of Ministers has been increased for the eighth time, the prime minister is still in charge of four ministries because ministers cannot be chosen.

Saud was appointed minister for the third time. Saud previously served as Minister of State for Education and Irrigation.

Saud began his political career as the unit secretary of the Nepal Student Union (NSU) at Mahendranagar Secondary School in 2036 and was elected as a central member of the NSU in 2041. In 2048, he was also appointed Central Chair of the NSU.

Saud joined Sher Bahadur Deuba’s Nepali Congress in 2059, after the Congress split under his leadership and the Nepali Congress became democratic.

Saud, who was defeated in the 2064 election, was re-elected as Minister of Irrigation in the 2070 election. He lost the election in 2074 but won the election in Mangsir 2079.


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