No need to panic conjunctivitis, will clear off in 1-2 weeks: MoHP

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Health and Population has said there is no point in getting panicked over the viral conjunctivitis spreading lately in different parts of the country.

According to Ministry joint spokesperson Dr Samir Kumar Adhikari, infection is manageable within the home if it is cared for and handled properly. The infection will clear off in one to two weeks.

As the Ministry said, currently the cases of viral conjunctivitis are seen in various districts in the country, leading to an influx of patients at hospitals. The disease is easily transmittable from one person to another as it is of a contagious nature.

He advised the people to observe a physical distance from the infected ones, not to unnecessarily join the crowd including the market, and not to use belongings such as handkerchiefs, towels, pillows, and bed sheets used by the infected persons.

Similarly, everyone is urged to refrain from touching eyes unnecessarily, and if necessary, it is recommended to first wash hands with soap and water, to employ a cold compress by closing eyelids, to take plenty of water and nutritious food, to wear a sunglasses during exposure to alleviate conjunctivitis discomforts and to not rub eyes.

It is essential to ensure that belonging to individuals who are infected are diligently sanitized before being used by others, according to Dr Adhikari.

Red eyes and itching, watery discharge, light sensitivity, burning, and tears are among the symptoms of viral conjunctivitis.


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