No male candidates to be registered as vice-presidential candidate

KATHAMNDU- The Election Commission (EC) has instructed to register the nomination of only women candidates in the vice presidential election to be held on March 17.

The meeting of the commission held on Friday instructed the office of the election officer to register the candidature of only women from the non-Khas-Arya community for the vice-presidential post.

According to Chief Election Commissioner Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya no male candidate will be registered for the post of Vice President this time as the Preisident-elect has been a male member.

“As the Constitution says that the President and Vice President should be from different genders, EC has instructed accordingly,” Thapaliya said, adding, “Even women from the Khas-Arya community can not file candidacy for this post this time.”

EC has scheduled the nominations for Vice President on Saturday. The election for the post of Vice-President is scheduled for March 17.


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