No cantonment corruption; will face jail if proven: PM Dahal

Reaffirms govt’s commitment to accomplishing remaining tasks of peace process

KATHMANDU- Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” has strongly denied corruption allegations in the cantonment, labeling them as baseless and biased.

Prime Minister Dahal asserted his readiness to face potential imprisonment if a complaint is filed and an investigation is conducted and proven guilty regarding the alleged corruption in the cantonment.

He also reaffirmed the government’s unwavering commitment to accomplish the remaining tasks of the peace process.

In response to questions raised by parliamentarians in the House of Parliament on Thursday, Prime Minister Dahal emphasized that the government was working towards resolving all matters pertaining to the peace process and transitional justice in alignment with the principles and intent of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

“We are prioritizing the recommendations of the Inquiry Commission on Disappeared Persons and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, focusing on the rehabilitation of individuals injured or disabled during the ‘people’s war’ and People’s Movement,” he told lawmakers.

He further expressed the government’s efforts to foster a comprehensive political consensus regarding this matter.

PM Dahal also made a firm commitment that heinous crimes would not go unpunished and appealed to all political parties to come together and forge a unified stance on addressing the issue of conflict.


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