NHRC urges govt to probe VAW cases effectively

KATHMANDU: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has written to the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers to investigate effectively the cases of rape and sexual violence.

NHRC said it took positively the decision of Home Ministry to launch the investigation again on the rape-and-murder of Nirmala Pant, 13, from Kanchanpur, Sudurpaschim Province. The letter further stated that government was prodded repeatedly so as to guarantee justice to the victims in the wake of rise in rape and sexual violence in the country.

“NHRC had furnished recommendation to the government, and Prime Minister’s Office on January 27, 2019 based on the suggestions of the expert team it mobilized on the Nirmala Pant case. The government now could consider that recommendation while settling the case,” the letter reminded.

Last year alone, the country recorded 2,380 cases of rape on women and adolescent girls. But, most of the accused ones were left unidentified and the action failed to move ahead, the NHRC expressed worry.

Spokesperson at NHRC Dr Tikaram Pokharel wrote the letter, asking the government to immediately respond to the violence meted out against sexual minorities too.


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