New jets will be procured soon: Minister Kirati

JHAPA: Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Sudan Kirati, has said Nepal would buy new aircraft soon.

At a press meeting organized by Press Centre Nepal Jhapa chapter here today, Minister Kirati argued aircraft are essential for the prosperity of the landlocked country.

“Process is underway to purchase three new and two old aircraft which would arrive in Kathmandu soon, but no commission at all,” he informed during the program.

Prosperity could be achieved by exporting Nepali products through Nepal’s ‘connection flights’, according to the Minister.

He also informed that he was reducing the corruption cases at the ministry. He proudly shared that the Ministry had been successful to purchase new aircraft even after paying the loan of Rs 4 billion.

“Corruption is sinister in our country. It must be extirpated,” Minister Kirati underscored.

A national policy on tourism was being prepared, he said, adding that Nepali airports should be made safe with strict adherence to the rule.

Indicating the problems in the Koshi Province government, Minister Kirati viewed province government should be formed with the participation of all political parties.

“As the country is undergoing an unstable situation at present, the governments at federal and province levels need to be formed based on consensus,” he stressed.

Moreover, in the case of national development, there is no need for opposition.


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