Nepal will put forth its claim on climate actions in COP 28

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ warned that if we could not stop global rise on temperature, there could be a serious and adverse impact on the prospects of climate resilient development in the developing countries like Nepal.

Addressing the national conference on climate change here today, PM Dahal warned that there could be rise on the cases of climate change-induced disasters, food security crisis and scarcity of potable water.

The national conference is organized to form a common viewpoint on the position paper to be prepared by Nepal and presented in the upcoming global climate change conference. The conference was organized by the Ministry of Forests and Environment.

PM Dahal said the National Climate Change Policy 2076, the Environment Conservation Act 2076 and Regulations 2077, the National Framework on Local Adaptation Plan of Action 2076, the Climate Resilience Plan and Budget Formulation Directive 2077 and the Climate Change Related Gender and Social Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan 2077/2078 have been formulated and implemented.

The PM also called on the national and international organisations to focus their cooperation towards the programmes contained in the National Adaptation Plan and the Nationally Determined Contribution Implementation Plan that have been prepared by including our needs and priorities.

He mentioned that Nepal called attention of the world community through the 78th UNGA held this year to provide the climate financing as climate justice to Nepal and the LDCs.

PM said that in his upcoming address at COP28, he plans to address significant issues such as climate finance, adaptation, transfer of mountaineering technology and capacity building, loss and damage, and climate empowerment. These issues, crucial to Nepal’s sustainable development and environmental preservation, deserve attention and action on the global stage


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