Nepal entangling in complex web of India-China-US trilateral conflict: Dr. Bhattarai

KATHMANDU: Chairman of Nepal Samajwadi Party, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has highlighted the “concerning trend of Nepal becoming entangled in the complex web of the India-China-US trilateral conflict, leading to significant geopolitical implications.”

Bhattarai, who is also a former Prime Minister, emphasized the urgency for cohesive action among pro-Federal Democratic Republic forces in Nepal, given the current concentration of power and the nation’s precarious positioning within the tripartite conflict.

He underscored the need for open discussions, cooperation, and national unity to strengthen the newly established Federal Democratic Republic.

In a tweet, Bhattarai stated, “As Nepal grapples with internal migration of both capital and labor, alongside its inadvertent involvement in the escalating India-China-US trilateral conflict, it is imperative that the Federal Democratic Republic’s supporters unite through earnest dialogue. Our path forward lies in this unity.”

Bhattarai expressed concern that the Federal Democratic Republican system is veering toward a severe crisis, as it struggles to address structural issues due to rampant corruption and the influence of myopic and corrupt individuals and groups.

Drawing attention to what he labeled as “shameless and undemocratic power struggles,” particularly at the Federal level and within the Koshi Province, Bhattarai highlighted the exposure of parties’ true identities through a surge in major corruption cases.


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