Nepal Airlines set to depart for Israel to repatriate Nepali citizens

KATHMANDU: The Secretariat of Foreign Minister NP Saud has announced that a Nepal Airlines aircraft is set to depart for Israel to repatriate Nepali citizens who have been stranded due to the recent attacks by the Palestinian Islamist group, Hamas.

The flight is scheduled to take off at 11 pm on Wednesday, with a stopover in Dubai before reaching Israel. Over 350 Nepali nationals who wish to return home have been in contact with the Nepalese embassies.

Tragically, ten Nepalis lost their lives in the attacks, while one individual, Bipin Joshi from Mahendranagar in Kanchanpur, remains missing.

The Nepali Embassy in Tel Aviv, along with the assistance of his friends, is diligently searching various hospitals for any information about Bipin’s whereabouts.

The Embassy informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday morning that Bipin was not found injured during the search in the hospitals and that the assistance of the Israeli police was requested for the search.

Bipin went to Israel in the last week of Bhadra as part of the ‘Reading and Earning’ program. After the attack by Hamas, they are asking for immediate rescue.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are 4,500 Nepalis as caregivers and 4,765 as 265 students.


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