NC Chief Whip demands fair investigation into ‘khukuri’ attack on Yadav

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress (NC) Chief Whip Ramesh Lekhak has demanded that an impartial investigation be launched into the incident of attack on Nepali Congress joint general secretary Mahendra Yadav.

Condemning the incident, Lekhak called for taking stern action against the guilty.

“A fatal attack has been made with the intention of taking life; the incident is not ordinary. I urge the Home Minister to give full information regarding the incident in the House of Representatives’ next meeting,” said the NC Chief Whip, speaking in the ‘special time’ in the House of Representatives today.

Stating that a phony discourse has been created that the Nepali people do not agree with the federal democratic republic, he said nobody has the excuse to run away from the present system.

Lekhak further said, “One can put one’s differing views and opinions in a peaceful way. There is freedom of expression in democracy. However, the khukuri attack can never be the alternative to negate differing views and opinions. Violence, terror and murder can never be the option.”


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