NC adheres to zero-tolerance policy against corruption: Dr. Mahat

KATHMANDU: Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat, Spokesperson of Nepali Congress (NC) and Finance Minister reiterated the party’s steadfast commitment to a policy of zero-tolerance against corruption and irregularities.

Speaking at a program in Lalitpur, he emphasized that the NC always prioritizes good governance in all its endeavors.

Furthermore, Dr. Mahat asserted that the Nepali Congress remains unwavering in its pledge not to shield any individuals involved in any unlawful activities.

He emphasized that every person should be regarded as innocent until proven guilty in accordance with the law.

He also revealed that the Nepali Congress has lifted its disciplinary action against rival candidates in the most recent three-level elections, showcasing the party’s commitment to fostering a democratic and inclusive political environment.

By promoting a zero-tolerance approach towards corruption and embracing good governance principles, the Nepali Congress aims to lead the way in creating a transparent and accountable political landscape in the country, he added.


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