Mountaineers awaiting favorable weather to scale Mt Everest

KATHMANDU- Several team members of the Everest expedition would have fixed ropes on their way to the world’s tallest peak today if the weather was clear.

But it did not happen due to unfavorable weather in the Everest region for almost a week.

The skilled workers on rope fixing known as icefall doctors are having a hard time reaching the top of Mt Everest, according to Imagine Nepal Trek and Expedition Company — a company assigned to mark a track from the second camp.

Expedition companies have said that the icefall doctors have already fixed the rope up to the South Col (the fourth camp) of Mt Everest.

The expedition begins only after the icefall doctors fix the rope up to the peak. Imagine Nepal’s Executive Director Dawa Gyalgen Sherpa said that the rope fixing job for today is canceled.

At present, 400 plus Nepalis and foreigners of the expedition teams are waiting for clear weather to scale the world’s tallest mountain.

They are not in the base camp and the second camp of Mt Everest. It is said that the airspeed at the site is 35 to 40 km per hour while snowfall is taking also taking place there.

The Tourism Department has opened a liaison office to monitor and facilitate the Everest expedition.

The liaison office under the convenership of Khimlal Gautam includes officials from the Tourism Ministry, security personnel from Nepali Army, Nepal Police, Himalaya Rescue Association and local representatives.


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