More success to record holder climber Chatur Tamang

The record holder Climber Chatur Tamang has succeeded in climbing the Amadablam Mountain.

He and another climber Kostya Sukhodeev climbed together to the top of Ama-Dablam. Chatur Tamang wrote on his Facebook page that “High-altitude technical mountaineering is not an easy thing, but we did it with a bang”.

The hieght of the Amadablam mountain is 6812 metres. They started at 11 pm from the second camp, stood at the top at 8 am.

He already summited 18 8000th meters, 7 times Everest and did the Everest/Lhotse Travers within one week.

Nepalese mountaineer Chatur Tamang, who has successfully climbed Mount Elbrus, Europe’s largest mountain, 143 times, has succeeded in Manaslu Mountain in one month ago.


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