Minister Acharya pledges to provide help to shelter for homeless

Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizens Surendra Raj Acharya has pledged to provide assistance to ‘Mamaghar Anathalaya’, a shelter for homeless people based in Bandegaun of Godavari Municipality-14 in Lalitpur district.

Attending a Shreemad Bhagawat purna religious programme organised in the shelter, the minister pledged to provide protection and security to homeless children, helpless women, senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

Inaugurating the shelter, he also urged Godavari Municipality-3 and 14 to provide help to the shelter.

Similarly, former minister of state Udaya Shumsher Rana donated Rs 10,000 to the shelter. He also stressed the need for making the new generation understand about the importance of Hindu religion, and saving Sanatan religion.


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