Mayor Balen calls for regulation instead of TikTok shutdown

KATHMANDU: Balen Shah, the Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has emphasized the need to establish a mechanism for punishing individuals disrupting social harmony on TikTok rather than resorting to outright closure.

Expressing his hope that the current TikTok shutdown could pave the way for effective regulation, Mayor Shah envisions a dignified relaunch of the platform.

Having experienced the misuse of his videos in ‘TikTok Live’ sessions through fake IDs, Mayor Shah has highlighted the challenges of false information dissemination under his name.

Despite appeals to TikTok, the Cyber Bureau of Nepal Police, and the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, the issue of fake IDs and misinformation persists.

Mayor Shah also recounted the personal toll on well-wishers due to the proliferation of fake IDs and stresses that addressing this problem doesn’t imply maintaining the status quo for TikTok.

While acknowledging its negative aspects, he recognized TikTok as a platform that has facilitated market promotion for entrepreneurs and provided opportunities for showcasing talents that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Additionally, he credited TikTok with contributing to the internationalization of Nepali music.

Mayor Balen Shah has also called upon the government of Nepal to extend monitoring, regulation, and taxation not only to TikTok but also to other social networks.

He advocated for a comprehensive approach that includes bringing these platforms under taxation and developing mechanisms to penalize those who disturb social harmony, emphasizing that outright closure is not the solution.

Mayo Shah also urged that the current shutdown serve as a foundation for a regulated and polite resurgence of TikTok use.


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