Maoist Centre sounds alarm over rising threats to religious and communal harmony

KATHMANDU: The ruling Maoist Centre party has expressed deep concerns about the escalating threats to religious and communal harmony in the country.

A meeting of the party office bearers held at its central office in Parisdanda on Thursday, deliberated on the emerging challenges and underscored the urgency of remaining vigilant.

Party spokesperson Agni Prasad Sapkota said that the discussions the meeting revolved around various religious and communal activities surfacing in different regions of the nation.

The consensus among party members was that signs of unrest and disorder were becoming increasingly evident and required immediate attention and resolution, he stated.

The meeting also underscored the “paramount importance” of proactive measures to safeguard social harmony within the country.

Additionally, the meeting also discussed the ongoing agitation by the teachers and advocated for resolving their grievances through dialogue and negotiation.

Sapkota stressed the critical need to preserve the long-standing tradition of social harmony among Nepalis.

He acknowledged the disturbing signs of chaos and emphasized the gravity of the situation, cautioning that without timely intervention, it could escalate into a full-blown crisis.

The meeting underscored the importance of initiating a thoughtful and preemptive solution.

Furthermore, Sapkota called upon all party members to actively participate in maintaining social harmony as part of the Maoist special transformation campaign alongside the public.

In a gesture of solidarity, he urged the government to extend support for its initiatives aimed at promoting good governance and combating corruption.


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