Maoist Center poised to rectify distortions, instability: PM Dahal

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has underscored that the Maoist Center is now at the forefront of efforts to rectify distortions and instabilities in the country.

Addressing a gathering in Ramechhap on Thursday, he emphasized that the Maoist Center, which played a pivotal role in the movement for transformative change in the nation’s systems, independence, and unity, is committed to ushering in positive changes in the lives of the people.

Prime Minister Dahal further announced that the Maoists are embarking on a comprehensive door-to-door campaign.

Given the prevailing unrest in the nation, he stressed the importance of a guiding force to resolve all irregularities.

“Having been actively involved in the movement to secure the rights of the people in the past, the Maoist Center will now assume leadership,” stated Prime Minister Dahal.

He elaborated that by aligning the government’s initiatives towards effective governance and the Maoist party’s transformative endeavors with the populace, a symbiotic relationship akin to flesh and nails will be fostered between the Maoists and the people.

“We seek to initiate change by fostering direct connections with the people, by visiting their homes and enlightening them about the nation’s current state. This novel movement towards socialism is an amalgamation of both governmental and party-driven campaigns. We solicit everyone’s backing in this endeavor,” Prime Minister Dahal said.

He affirmed that the government is resolutely committed to propelling prosperity through competent governance.

Moreover, he emphasized the government’s commitment to prioritizing ‘game changer’ projects, aiming to usher the nation’s development into a new era.

“The government’s unwavering focus lies in these transformative projects, where select major initiatives will be designated as ‘game changers,’ propelling the nation’s advancement forward,” he asserted.


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