Maoist Center did not fall into NC trap, rather it opted to collaborate with NC: leader Mahara

BIRATNAGAR: CPN-Maoist Center Vice-Chairperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara asserted that his party did not fall into the trap of the Nepali Congress (NC) rather it chose to collaborate to defend the constitution and the republican system as well as to complete in remaining works of the peace process.

In a press conference organized on the sidelines of the second convention of Unified All Nepal Teachers Association, Koshi Province here today, Mahara assured that Ramchandra Poudel, the common candidate of eight parties, emerge victorious in the upcoming presidential election.

The presidential election is taking place on March 9. “Since the responsibility of the President is to safeguard the constitution and republic system as well as to complete the peace process related remaining works, we made this equation,” he added.


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