Mahara’s facebook clarification: “I am not involved in gold smuggling; I assist in the investigation”

KATHMANDU: Krishna Bahadur Mahara, spokesperson for the CPN Maoist Centre, has stated that he is not implicated in the gold smuggling issue. On Thursday, he confirmed his non-involvement via social media.

Mahara said that he had already made it clear that he was not involved in the gold smuggling case and wanted to make it more clear. I would like to inform you that my name has been linked to the gold case by the media for a few days now. I want to make it clear again that I have no involvement in this work,’ he said.

Neta Mahara said that the mobile number that came in the media as his is not his. He said that he will help in the investigation if necessary. ‘I would like to make it more clear that my name and the mentioned phone number are not mine and I have not used them,’ he further said, ‘If necessary, I promise to assist in a fair investigation. I strongly urge everyone not to fall into unnecessary confusion.’


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