Legal system surrounding online media registration needs to be reviewed: Basnet

KATHMANDU: Chairman of the Press Council Nepal, Bal Krishna Basnet, has emphasized the need for a comprehensive review of the current legal framework governing the registration of online media due to inadequate resources, means, and workforce.

Basnet highlighted that although the practice of online registration has become widespread, its quality remains deficient, posing significant challenges to the professional landscape.

Addressing an orientation program focused on the code of conduct for editors and publishers of emerging online media outlets, President Basnet noted, “We find ourselves in situations where online platforms face closure shortly after launch, journalists experience payment issues, and administrators are compelled to flee.”

During the orientation, Kedar Bhattarai, Chief Journalist at Gorkhapatra Daily, shared insights on journalistic ethics and values as an expert in the field.

Bhattarai remarked, “While the code of conduct outlines clear guidelines, its effective implementation online appears lacking. Hence, it becomes imperative for editors and reporters to prioritize adherence to these principles. The Council’s oversight should be more dedicated in this aspect.”

Deepak Pandey, a Council board member, elucidated the provisions of various communication guidelines and their implications for online platforms during the program.

The orientation witnessed the participation of editors and publishers from 53 novel online magazines spanning different genres.

In an effort to promote the code of conduct, the Council has introduced a mandatory orientation course for all new employees seeking registration, aiming to provide essential insights into ethical journalism practices for a duration of one year.


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