Koshi CM Thapa secures Vote of Confidence amidst legislative maneuvers

KATHMANDU: Uddhav Thapa, the Chief Minister of Koshi Province, emerged victorious in a crucial vote of confidence on Monday, propelled by the support of Israel Mansuri, the lawmaker presiding over the provincial assembly.

Earlier, Deputy Speaker Sirjana Danuwar cited illness as she relinquished her authority to Mansuri for conducting the assembly session.

In the chamber, 77 individuals were in attendance: 47 cast their votes in favor of Thapa, while 30 opposed him.

Mansuri, a Nepali Congress representative, took charge of the meeting following Danuwar’s absence, attributed to UML’s policy to thwart CM Thapa’s vote of confidence proposal.

Thapa’s attainment of the vote of confidence hinged on Mansuri’s participation as the presiding legislator. Consequently, Thapa’s total count reached the required 47 votes within the Assembly.

The legitimacy of Thapa’s acquired vote of confidence looms as a potential legal matter, possibly subjecting it to courtroom deliberations.

This development follows a previous instance wherein Thapa’s position was deemed invalid due to the inclusion of the then-Speaker Baburam Gautam’s vote, a move contested during the government formation process.


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