Kathmandu listed as the “most polluted” city today

KATHMANDU- Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, has been listed as one of the world’s most polluted cities today.

According to IQAir, which measures the amount of air pollution in cities around the world, Kathmandu has been the city with the most air pollution today (Sunday).

Kathmandu’s air quality index is 194 as of Sunday noon.

Air pollution has swelled throughout the country due to wildfires taking place in various places for some days.

According to the data of the Environment Department, Kathmandu’s highest air pollution is in Shankha Park, Bhainsepati, Khumaltar, Ratnapark, and Kirtipur.

The Department of Environment said atmospheric pollution has increased across the country including in the Kathmandu Valley due to the bushfires, leading to unhealthy air in Nepal for some days.


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