Kathmandu Court grants bail to 17 Individuals, including Bhatbhateni proprietor Gurung

KATHMANDU: Hearing on the Lalita Niwas Land Grab Case, the Kathmandu District Court has granted bail to 17 individuals, including the proprietor of Bhatbhateni supermarket, Min Bahadur Gurung on Sunday.

The court ordered the release of Gurung upon the submission of a bail worth 24.6 million rupees.

The Bench of Judge Bholanath Dhakal ruled in favor of granting ordinary bail to Keshav Tuladhar, while 17 others have been allowed to post bail.

Following intensive courtroom deliberations, the court has permitted these accused individuals to await trial outside of detention. Additionally, the court has set a bail amount of 1.5 million rupees for Kaladhar Deuja.

Among those granted bail, Min Bahadur Gurung stands out with the highest bail amount at 24.6 billion rupees. Other individuals granted bail and their respective bail amounts are as follows (in rupees):

Shivaji Bhatta: 330 thousand
Rudra Kumar Shrestha: 750 thousand
Balkrishna Shrestha: 750 thousand
Kaladhar Deuja: 15 lakhs
Ghaman Kumar Karki: 750 thousand
Gopal Karki: 750 thousand
Vinod Poudel: 1.5 million
Yogaraj Poudel: 750 thousand
Narayan Raj Mishra: 750 thousand
Arun Kumar Shrestha: 750 thousand
Dhruva Prasad Aryal: 330 thousand
Baburaja Maharjan: 110 thousand
Devnarayan Maharjan: 110 thousand
Saklanand Maharjan: 110 thousand
Sanjay Kumar Maharjan: 110 thousand
Lokhari Ghimire: 750 thousand
Keshav Tuladhar: Granted ordinary bail

The case, brought forth by the Public Prosecutor’s Office Kathmandu, pertains to the alleged acquisition of government land at Lalita Niwas through fraudulent means, including the manipulation of official documents.

Following the statements provided by the arrested defendants, the court deliberated on the matter, ultimately leading to their release on bail.

Meanwhile, the corruption charges associated with this case remain pending in a special court.


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