Karnali govt mobilizes all mechanisms in full scale in quake-hit area

The Karnali Province government has fully mobilized its mechanisms in the earthquake hit areas.

Chief Minister Raj Kumar Sharma is currently in his home district Rukum, while Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning, Bedraj Singh in Jajarkot.

Similarly, other ministers including minister for social development are in Jajarkot and Rukum Paschim along with government employees to facilitate in the rescue and relief distribution.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment on Monday distributed relief materials at Nalgadh Municipality of Jajarkot and Athbiskot Municipality of Rukum Paschim.

Minister Krishna Kumar BC urged all concerned to extend support to the disaster hit people. The disaster hit people were complaining of not getting warm clothes.

The increasing cold of late has aggravated the condition of the earthquake survivors. Also worrying is the aftershock recorded on Monday afternoon.


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