Jajarkot earthquake: Over 1,000 houses completely damaged

JAJARKOT: In the aftermath of a powerful 6.4-magnitude earthquake that shook Jajarkot, the region has been left reeling with the complete destruction of over 1,000 houses.

The disaster has not spared Rukum West either, with more than 3,000 houses destroyed, including in Jajarkot, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

According to Chief District Officer, Suresh Sunar of District Administration Office in Jajarkot, preliminary data indicates a staggering toll of at least one thousand houses completely damaged.

Sunar said that the ongoing data collection efforts, with approximately 1,000 houses identified as completely damaged and an additional 3,000 houses suffering partial damage.

The gravity of the situation became even more apparent as the figures were revised, reflecting the extent of the catastrophe.

In Jajarkot alone, the confirmed statistics painted a grim picture: 950 houses completely demolished, 2,754 houses partially damaged, and 3,650 houses severely affected.

Meanwhile, Rukum West faced a similar plight, with Assistant Chief District Officer Pravesh Badhuwal reporting that 2,136 houses lay in ruins, while 2,792 houses were partially damaged and 4,760 houses were affected to varying degrees.

Meanwhile, the toll of human casualties has also been significant, with a combined count of 157 lives lost in Jajarkot and Rukum West.

Jajarkot accounted for 105 of the fatalities, while 52 were from Rukum West.

Additionally, the earthquake left over two hundred individuals injured, further compounding the crisis in these already stricken regions.


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