Jajarkot earthquake: 3,770 houses damaged

JAJARKOT: The earthquake that struck on Friday night wreaked havoc across multiple districts in Nepal, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

According to the latest report from the Ministry of Home Affairs, a total of 3,770 houses in seven districts have been damaged, with 2,838 houses suffering partial damage and 932 houses completely destroyed.

The district of Jajarkot bore the brunt of the disaster, with 2,685 houses facing partial damage and 905 houses completely razed to the ground.

The impact of the quake was also felt in Rukum East, where 19 houses were partially damaged, while in Salyan, 97 houses incurred partial damage, and 25 were completely destroyed.

Furthermore, the earthquake caused damage in other regions, including Nawalparasi East, Dailekh, and Baitadi, with isolated cases of houses being affected.

The Ministry has said that the earthquake impacted a total of 11 districts, leading to a tragic loss of life and injuries.

As of now, the death toll stands at 157, with Jajarkot accounting for the majority of the fatalities, claiming 105 lives.

Additionally, 256 individuals have been reported injured, with the highest number of casualties also recorded in Jajarkot.

Rukum West follows closely, with 52 reported deaths and 132 people injured.

Other districts such as Salyan, Rolpa, Dailekh, and Jumla have also reported casualties and injuries, signifying the widespread impact of the calamity across the region.


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